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Pics From the Farm

Ben and Cheyenne moving the cows' water to the next spot (Chey loves helping her Daddy)

We brought this bad boy home last evening to do his duties (we call him Mr. Bull) And I don't care how harmless he looks, I'm staying on this side of that fence!

Ok, so the chickens might not be quite as stress free as you think (note the 2 yr old)

This is our new mineral feeder! It has multiple compartments AND it has a cover to keep the rain from ruining $50 worth of organic kelp. Of course, Ben did a bit of "rigging" by attaching it to a tire and chain so he can pull it from pasture to pasture with the 4wheeler. He's famous for his "riggings" around here haha He's always trying to make chores easier.

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Love the photos and staying up with what you are doing!

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