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Loysville, PA


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How it Works




- Click here to send Ben an email to find out what's currently available

- He will let you know what we have and you can reply with how much beef you want (most folks go with a 1/4 beef) (see below for FAQs)

- Put a down payment check in the mail ($150 for 1/4 beef) (non-refundable)

- We'll let you know when to call the butcher (they're SUPER nice and helpful and will walk you through what they need to know)

- SHOW UP on the specified date and time frame at the butcher shop (we'll meet you there)!

- We take cash or check.


- We can't wait to meet you! (Scroll down to see FAQs)


How much does 1/4 beef cost?

Short answer: between $700-$850 (it varies because not all cattle are the same weight)

The beef is $5/lb dressed weight plus approximately $0.75/lb in butcher fees. About 30% of the dressed weight is lost in the cutting process, due to some of the bones and excess fat being removed. This 30% varies depending on how many boneless cuts you order. So, the weight of the meat you actually take home is about 70% of dressed weight which comes out to a price of $8.10/lb for actual take home meat which includes steaks!


You place an order for a 1/4 beef. The dressed weight of the whole animal is 600 pounds. Your quarter of that weight is 150 pounds. Multiply 150 pounds times $5.00 which equals $750. Now multiply 150 pounds times the approx butchering cost/lb ($0.75) which equals $112.50. Add those two numbers together ($750+$112.50=$862.50). Your total will be right around $862. This calculation will get you very close to your total payment. This would amount to approximately 100 pounds of take home meat. Please note that this is an estimation.

How much meat will I get from 1/4 beef?

Between 80-100 lbs. This will feed a small family who eats beef once or twice/week for one year.

How much freezer space do I need for 1/4 beef?


4 cubic feet (25 lbs of meat per cubic foot)

1/4 Beef will fit into the freezer section of a typical refrigerator/freezer, but it would fill it. We recommend a deep freezer. Buying in bulk is the most economical way to buy high quality farm fresh food.

When do I pick up my beef?

We will let you know the pickup dates (we usually offer two pickup date options). Beef pickups are early summer and late fall (before Thanksgiving).

Where do I pick up my beef?

Seidels Custom Butchering

2933 Back Hollow Rd.

Blain, PA 17006

We'll meet you there to collect payment and help you load your beef!

How is buying 1/4 beef convenient?

You'll LOVE having a freezer stocked with pastured meats to pull out at any time (no mad scramble to get to the grocery store!)

Why do I have to pre-order?

The short answer is to be legal, we have to sell the beef before it goes to the butcher because we use a custom butcher shop. We feel that Seidels butcher shop is cleaner, more personable, and overall just better. They are also much closer to us than a USDA inspected butcher, so the animals don't have to be transported so far which translates to less stress for them.

Why don't you sell cuts?


Pretty much the same reason we have to take pre-orders: we like to use the local custom butcher shops and we can't legally sell individual cuts from a custom shop. It's really frustrating for us, but that's just what we're up against. It's also much cheaper for you when you buy in bulk.

Is my deposit refundable?


No, we rely on your commitment to purchase your 1/4 beef because legally we can't re-sell the beef after it's been butchered.

Will I get a front or hind quarter (1/4)?

You get both! When we say 1/4, we really mean a split half. You will get an equal amount of meat from the front and hind quarters.

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