Ben and Cassie Seppanen

Loysville, PA


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Chicken Ordering Info



- Click here to send Ben an email to find out what pickup dates are available

- He will let you know what dates we have and you can reply with how many you want (there's no minimum)

- SHOW UP on the specified date and time frame here on the farm!

- We take cash or check

- We can't wait to meet you!


How much does the chicken cost?

The chicken is $4.50/lb. They average 5 lbs, so that comes to about $22/chicken.

When do I pick up my chicken?

On the pickup day of your choice from 3-5pm

Where do I pick up my chicken?

On the farm!

359 Dobbs Rd.

Loysville, PA 17047

We are the first driveway on the right once you turn onto Dobbs Rd.

We'll be here to collect payment and help you load your chickens!

How is buying whole chickens convenient?

You'll LOVE having a freezer stocked with pastured meats to pull out at any time (no mad scramble to get to the grocery store!) Click on the blog to learn how to cut up a whole chicken. Be sure to sign up for our e-mails so you'll get recipes and ways to use a whole chicken and get multiple meals from one chicken. It's super easy!

Why do I have to pre-order?

We don't currently have freezer space to store a large amount of chickens, which is why you pick them up fresh!

Why don't you sell cuts?

Maybe we will someday, but for now, it's much cheaper for you when you buy whole chickens.

Is the chicken bagged and frozen?

The chicken is bagged, but not frozen. It's truly farm FRESH!

Should I bring coolers?

Yes, bring coolers and ice!

What if I don't have a freezer?

Get one! It's the only way you can store enough farm fresh meat to last you through the year. I promise you won't regret it.

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